The process begins with an initial complimentary meeting, in Tribeca, Spring Place, in person or through Skype, between the consultant and the founder/designer of the brand. During that meeting, the designer and the consultant will discuss the specific requirements of the brand, look at the collection, online presence, social media and the distribution of the line.

Based on the founder’s/designer's needs, Couture Consultancy will perform an analysis of the brand. This will include the sample collection, distribution, online presence, wholesale and social media strategy.

Following this detailed analysis, we will then submit an initial brand report to the client, outlining the findings of our audit and the areas for development. 

As an emerging designer with a fledgling business, working with Couture Consultancy has been invaluable. Katja has helped me better define my brand identity, she has advised me on how to improve my website (both looks and contents), and she has provided me with guidance on the future development of my brand. It has been a pleasure to work with Katja. Not only does her expertise in the field have depth and breadth but she is also diligent and goal-oriented. She has given me tailor-made support and has been a wonderful partner who genuinely cares about my business and my success.
— Designer and Founder: Aline Voldoire